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Categories: Bank

Address: Real Street, Dumaguete, Philippines

Where is located? 9.30652,123.30552 (GPS Coordinates)
Negros Oriental, Central Visayas, Philippines


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Golden Gate Suites two stars hotel located at Dr. V. Locsin Street, 59 meters northwest.

Hotel Essencia three stars hotel located at 39 Real St. corner San Juan St., 259 meters north.

Plaza Maria Luisa Suites Inn three stars hotel located at Bishop Epifanio Surban Street, 311 meters east.

Hotel Nicanor three stars hotel located at San Jose Street, Negros Oriental, 337 meters northeast.

C & L Suites Inn two stars hotel located at 485 Perdices cor. Pinili Street, 359 meters southeast.

White Knights Dumaguete three stars hotel located at Dr. E. Meciano, 430 meters west.

C & L Bay View Hotel two stars hotel located at 11 Sen. Lorenzo G. Teves St.,, 488 meters southeast.

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